Creating content-based conversations or reviews

Bots: Autogenerate conversations and review topics Communify is ready to generate content-based conversations or reviews on your site. Don’t mind if it’s for a couple of pages or if its for a thousand. In order to generate content-based topics we introduced: Bots. Bots are robots that create topics automatically for […]

Getting started with Communify

Welcome to Communify!  If you just created your Communify account there a few things you have to get done before adding conversations or reviews widgets to your pages. If you don’t have an account yet: Join now for free. Let’s do it together. Getting started with Communify is as quick […]

Communify PHP SDK

The Communify SDK for PHP enables PHP developers to use Communify Web Services in their PHP code. You can get started in minutes by installing the SDK through Composer or by downloading a single zip or phar file from our latest release. 1. Features – Single Sign On (SSO) Using […]