Brand Strategy and Online Community

Brand recognition and its importance grew with the advent of online shopping and continues to grow with an ever increasing connected consumer base. Today online shoppers are constantly using technology to connect and share, pushing brands to further adapt and cater to the customers as consumers continue to lead a shift in how businesses approached their brand. Customers demand more than basic services and with the expansion in digital services requires more attention to customer needs. The brand requirements also become especially apparent as branded communities can increase sales by 20% and there is a clear response being seen across brands with even luxury brands engaging their customer communities to strengthen their brand recognition.

Luxury brands are finding that digital interactions are increasingly influencing consumer purchases and decisions, generating increases of 13 percent for offline sales. For these brands marketing high fashion and maintaining the luxury status is essential while connecting customers to the brand and site. Overall, it explains the importance of Online Brand Communities, as they differ from traditional online communities with the interactions reinforcing the brand perception. The users are engaged surrounding the topic of the brand. They influence the discussion and support the brand to help establish and maintain the brand identity.

Brand influencers are those engaged advocates that generate the discussion around the online brand communities. Understanding the importance of brand advocates and their distinct role will shape and develop the approach to the online brand community. The brand community is bigger than marketing with the brand community a part of business strategy. Focusing on brand quality and its perception goes beyond a simple marketing strategy with the brand coming to encompass the essence of the business and its representation to the community and public.

There are many examples of brands developing their business further simply by focusing on their online brand community. Here are 7 examples of brand communities impacting business strategy and growing around their brand strategy. These groups enhanced their brands through their online communities, expanding their reach and enhancing their connection and engagement with their customers.

An online community can play a vital part in developing and maintaining a brand. Consider how best to approach your customers and whether an online brand community suits your business.



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