User-generated content and online reviews: let your users do your marketing

In an era where we feel bombarded by push advertising, user-generated content (UGC) and online reviews have drastically changed the online marketing scene. Now it is the customers who are encouraged to become the marketers of businesses by rating their purchases, sharing their experiences and having conversations online. UGC is […]

Retain Customers to Drive Revenue

Customers are more than a revenue stream for your e-commerce site, they are also supporters and advocates. The pathway to retaining those customers begins with how you acquire your customers and can lead to another valuable source for driving revenue. Customer loyalty draws upon your site’s ability to attract, retain, […]


Discover Communify

What is Communify? Communify is a new social side to your website for site discovery, engagement, and conversions through your online community of visitors and customers creating a unique experience to drive business targets. Going beyond our mission statement we are taking a new approach to social communities and user […]