Customer reviews: the 6 Benefits that will bring to your e-commerce.

Times are changing, and society and the way it behaves are changing too. 10 years ago we wouldn’t have thought of writing our opinion about something we bought using a computer. Yet, here we are; buying products or services on the internet has become as natural as breathing, and expressing our satisfaction with both the acquired product and the experience we have had has evolved as a part of the process.

We want to voice our concerns, our positive experiences, why we recommend it or what could be improved when we are purchasing something on the internet.

Customer reviews are here to stay, but what can our business get from them?

  • Free advertising: For each online review about your business that goes on the internet, your name and the products that you are selling are being mentioned and exposed to other prospective clients. Big e-commerces out there already trust their customers and their reviews: Amazon, Rakuten, are just examples of what the power of online reviews can do for your business and the visibility you can gain. It is a great and inexpensive way to have mass exposure in an advertisement that works and converting online reviews in your best marketing tool.
  • Ranking higher in SEO: A couple of weeks ago we did an article about the power of online reviews on your SEO. Search engines praise the number of times your business is mentioned in customer reviews. Providing your clients with the right tools in order to do the review process smooth and hassle-free will definitely pay off, making you rank higher in the result page when others search for the type of product that has been reviewed.
  • Customer trust and engagement: It has been proven that online customers tend to trust their peer recommendations when they are about to buy a product online. In fact, 72% of customers say reading positive customer reviews increase their trust in the business and 88% determine the quality of a business after reading opinions from previous customers (Bright Local)

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  • Get to know your customers: The criticisms and suggestions your customers write can help you to get to know them. Some of your clients might have some improvement suggestions, others might have some concerns about the way your business works; whatever the case, this is a great opportunity to see an outsider point of view about your business. By taking into account your customer reviews, you can get some improvement and innovation ideas at the sametime as having a first-hand knowledge of what your clients really want and think. Many customers also have good suggestions about better ways to do things, or new products that you could offer, so review sites can be a free source of great business ideas.
  • Establish a closer relationship with your customers: Online reviews are a new way of conversation between your clients and your business. You can use this chance to develop a closer relationship with them. Use this opportunity to give voice to your business acknowledging and replying to both the positive and the negative inputs, showing your customers that you have a truly interest in what they have to say. Develop the human to human technique replying with a personal voice, so that your customers relate to your business building a relationship of trust and engaging them to come back to you.
  • Build a community: The aim of having a customer reviews’ platform is not for your clients to come only once to express their voice, but to have them coming back again and again. Make them feel welcomed and that you are listening when they express their ideas and opinions. Encourage them to have conversations with each other. Praise them when they share good inputs or for their loyalty. You community will get bigger and your sales numbers too!

Communify easies the review process and grows a community of clients around your online business.

In order to conquer the online business world, we have to recognize the growing power of our customers’ voice and by giving them the right tools to express their ideas and concerns, your business will gain recognition and market share.
Do not wait any longer, start getting better customer reviews now!

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