Customer Seeks Experience: Make Your Site An Online Experience

Every site focuses on the needs of the customer when thinking of how to get them from point A to point B, changing them from visitor to customer. In the process of going through these motions and getting the visitor to the “bottom of the funnel” your visitor goes through a customer experience. Seeing as these steps were designed with the site goals in mind the experience may vary greatly from one customer to the next.

Your customers are seeking information and take the first step toward engagement by visiting your site. Once on your site the visitor’s attention is about 15 seconds within which you have to seize their interest. When customers first visit your site the experience must capture their attention while providing them the freedom to discover, interact, and find what they desire and initially wanted. It is a balance between what the visitor wants or needs to see and what you want to present. The experience determines whether your visitors take the next step and engage to become your customers.

The idea of experience is becoming an increasingly popular product in and of itself as millennials seek live experiences driving the desire to connect, participate, and share. It is an evolving community centered around those engaged individuals seeking to share and connect in the experience. Your online community is a place that can also provide these engaging elements to create an interest and connection to your site.

The benefits of an online community are the connections visitors make through topics, conversations, and feedback while also providing relevant content on your site. Your visitors make connections to other peers and also importantly to your site, as they discuss and provide valuable information for your site that can draw in other visitors. Here are some helpful ideas on turning visitors into customers and the reliance upon how they view your site. Ultimately, your visitors are finding their own customer experience within the online community and are creating their own paths to your goals.

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