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What is Communify?

Communify is a new social side to your website for site discovery, engagement, and conversions through your online community of visitors and customers creating a unique experience to drive business targets.

Going beyond our mission statement we are taking a new approach to social communities and user content to provide more than a product. Communify views user content marketing to be an undervalued commodity for its online social benefits and web impact.

User content marketing generates on-site content from the engaged visitors and customers sharing their ideas and opinions. These visitors and customers are seeking to discover and interact with sites based off their interests and needs. Many times the visitor and customer is neglected by simple websites with no consideration for the customer experience and limits visitor interaction while prioritizing site goals.

Communify sees the opportunity to unify the interests and needs of visitors with engaging social communities as the next step for the on-site customer experience. Websites are the destinations of discovery and interaction with access to knowledge, ideas, and opinions visitors want to share and consume. Rather than take the conversation away from the source we feel the conversation should take place at the source, where it all starts. The on-site experience changes from the individual perspective to a collective participation of on-site sharing and consumption.

The experience of the online community is a genuine social interaction without the pretences of site fabricated experiences. Visitors have the opportunity to join conversations and provide ideas while generating site content for added social depth and valuable SEO. You can create topics for discussion and directly respond to visitor questions and comments. Gain valuable reviews from customers sharing their opinions. Retain your visitors and attract new ones as the online community creates a destination with valuable content for improved site discovery. The online community experience creates a destination for content creation and consumption with positive connections for community growth that ultimately generates a new social side to the site.

If you are interested in learning more about Communify, visit our site and join our community.



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