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Do you know your clients?

Having an online business is one of the most exciting challenges that many entrepreneurs face nowadays. Internet has become a very strong tool in order to get clients at a much more larger scale than a physical store.

The standard way any online store functions starts when clients arrive to your website, they visit one or several products and in case any of them fit their expectations, they buy it. But, do you truly know your clients? What’s their opinion on the products they have bought from your store? what about the suggestions or needs they have? Knowing what your clients think about these points is the key to develope a long-term relationship with them, engage them and offer them a much more satisfactory experience in your website.

Which tools do we need to get to know our clients?

  • Conversations on your website: Start a conversation topic on your website and encourage your users to participate is the perfect push to know their opinion on a subject of your choice. Thanks to this tool you will be able to interact with your clients listening, answering and reconducting the conversation in order to get more information about them and showing the human side of your business.

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  • Product reviews: One great strategy for after-purchase service is sending an email requesting your client his/her opinion about the product they just acquired and about the buying process in your website. This way you will gather first-hand information about the quality of your processes and products so you can stimulate the continuous improvement within your website and transmit your clients the importance of their opinion at the same time they give information about your products to other potential buyers that want to check the opinion of other peers before finalising their purchase.

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  • Social networks are another pillar to understand and listen to the conversation of your clients. It is a fact that users spend more and more time using the social platforms. Its main function is changing towards other type of uses where brands interact with their customers, motivating them to take part in competitions, expressing their opinion, and sharing ideas to help the brand. A great way to engage with your clients is to encourage them to participate through user-generated content and ideas to the innovation of your store or products.

What will your business get using these tools?

Adding user-generated content from your clients using their opinions, photos, videos… gives an added value to your website for not only your business but also for other users that need more information before purchasing. According to iPerceptions, 63% of customers that read online opinions of other peers end up purchasing the product and products with online opinions increase their sales rate over 18%.

Deeper knowledge of your clients, acquisition of ideas to improve continuously and innovate, client’s engagement and raising the sales’ rate, using tools to get to know your clients will contribute with countless benefits for your business.

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