Generate Site Traffic From Your User Generated Content

How do you get the most from your traffic and ensure your visitors are engaged?peerreview

We all want to improve site traffic and Communify wants the same for your site. Here at Communify we are focused and pretty much are obsessed with user generated content and how best to use it. It is a topic you might have continuously heard or you are most likely at least aware of it. It seems to be a topic that keeps growing with online marketers seeking the best practices for managing the incoming content and is an approach we at Communify take seriously. So how can you get the most from your traffic and visitors?

Leverage your visitors and customers to create a cycle of healthy, engaging traffic to your site through user generated content. Online comments and reviews contributed by peers are a valuable resource for your site with nearly 80% of consumers trusting online reviews. The user generated content creates a community of trust for your visitors and it doesn’t stop there, it goes beyond reviews. Once visitors begin engaging on-site your online community begins to play an even more important role for your site.

User generated content adds value to your site and can drive better traffic and ultimately results. Almost as important as the user content itself is its impact through SEO. We feel when combined correctly user generated content and SEO can enhance your site even further with user content compiling rich content that adds to your SEO. It means your site can be found with greater frequency and ultimately bring better traffic and better results to your site.

Communify values the relationship between user content and SEO and we feel it can be taken a step further to enhance your site so you don’t miss an opportunity. We see the possibilities of a new social side to your site helping you get more from your visitors and customers. Explore your possibilities and see what works for your site and how user generated content can be a valuable resource.


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