How to generate leads in a smart way

One of the most important challenges for any company is what to do to attract prospective clients to their website so once there, they leave their contact details so they can be called or contacted.

In my opinion, there are several methods we can use to achieve this objective, but within them, there are channels that will bring us more qualified leads and where the economic investment will be much more profitable.

We have to observe the social trends too. Users are spending more of their time on the internet: While the most observed tendency is for users to reject push advertising, we can appreciate how natural results in social networks and the comments and user opinions in websites are stronger than ever. Everything points to this conversation that happens within the internet, will be the best bet for enterprises when searching and converting leads in their websites.

So which are the 3 main practices that we should apply to get leads in a smart way?

SEO: Is there a better way to attract our prospective clients than positioning our web naturally in the search engines? SEO does not require an economic effort, but we have to bear in mind that this is a mid to long term strategy which is key to have a person focused on achieving this target. Lead the organic results’ list in any search engine for the keywords that are related to your company will bring the most qualified leads for your business.

Social SEO or SMO: A step further we find Social SEO, where we merge search engine optimization and the social networks. We should be posting original content that captivates our user so he shares it in his social networks and attracts other users’ attention so we create buzz around our products or brand. Our website traffic will raise at the same time as our importance within the social networks, gaining visibility and gaining traffic and leads.


Social SEO

The Social SEO Cycle would be the following: First, we create and publish quality content that calls our users’ attention. We share this content in the different social networks where we have a presence, reaching this way our users and fans that, probably, will share this content too. Friends of our users will see the shared content and as they like it, will follow us. We are gaining more subscribers and fans and improving our online reputation. This will also contribute to our organic results, getting more traffic to our website where again more users will subscribe to receive our news so they receive our content and news first hand.

This is a short/ medium term strategy which won’t only provide us with syndication of our content but also with good quality links pointing to our web.

SEM: The third strategy that we cannot forget as it is still key to generate leads is the use of paid marketing strategies in the different platforms. All search engines, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, they all offer the possibility of buying ad spaces in order to get leads to your website. Thanks to SEM you can gain visibility, but paying. In order to succeed with this kind of strategy we have to focus our efforts in the platforms where our prospective users are and focus the ad with a text and creativities that have a clear focus. Once the user clicks on the ad, it is advisable that we redirect them to a special landing in order to capture the lead, where they will find the specific information, in a simplified and very visual version and with a clear objective so we avoid our user to get lost.
This is a short term strategy and the results are very easy to measure but it does require of an economic investment and the quality of the leads will entirely depend on the quality of our ads and our ability to target them and direct the user to the conversions’ funnel.
Modern flat style illustration of SEO concept of developing and improving website ranking so that it ranks highly on search engine result pages

As a conclusion and in order to be able to have a strong strategy in the long term, it is important that SEO and social SEO understand and complement each other in order to reach the largest number of people and get high quality leads.

Times change, and the search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo that used to be the kings when searching for content, are being placed in a second position while the social platforms step forward so its users take on the responsibility of sharing and spread the content they find and like in the web. We are living a moment where search engines and social networks are being used for a common purpose, so it is very important to work both strategies.

Search engines will continue being kings when talking about quantity of content and of organizing the answers that are given to the users and on the other hand, the social networks will allow the users to share the content that is most interesting for them, comment and even rate them together with their friends, contacts and family.


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