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How To Leverage The Customer Community

Today, customer experience is a topic of much discussion with thoughts on the best practices for how to engage the customer properly. The customer experience and its importance is repeatedly preached over and over again, but there is a part of the customer experience that goes ignored a lot of the time: the customer experience and the customer community.

How do you develop your customer community?
Provide multiple avenues of engagement for the customer.

Customers, rightly, want to have questions answered or issues resolved immediately. If you site does not provide an answer or response, the customer is not going to wait. Your customer community can be the stop gap between your customers and your support.

Moreover, a customer community can foster innovation, generate content, and drive customer support.

How do I manage or use the customer community?
Find and leverage that which works best within your community.

Forums, conversations, and reviews are becoming the first areas where advice is sought and shared by customers. Your community also serves more than customers, as it draws in those visitors interested in your site or products. By putting the emphasis on the community and the content it provides, it can reduce costs through the customer community.

A large customer community system can be costly to manage and support. With other options available to your site, focus on the areas that alleviate the stress upon your support team while providing valuable content and information to your customers and visitors.

Seek to find those avenues that get the most out of your site while not only drawing in visitors and customers, but also helps to retain them. A customer community combines the needs of both the business and consumer to create a unique customer experience while also aiding the support and marketing of the site.

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