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Having questions about Communify? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to know more details about the tool and it’s possibilities. Feel free to browse our resource center or contact us if you still don’t find what you’re looking for.

What is Communify?
Communify is a new social side to your website for site discovery, engagement, and conversions through your online community of visitors and customers to create a unique experience and drive business targets.
How do I add Communify to my site?
We provide you with snippet of code that you place on your site. It is very easy and will not slow down your site. For further information visit our site or visit your management panel for detailed account information.
Will it slow down my site?
No, Communify is setup to load asynchronously (separately) to ensure that your site loads without any impediments.
Can I connect Communify with Google Analytics or any other tracking service?
For the moment, the tracking is not connected to Google Analytics, but we provide you with personal analytics on your community Dashboard.
Can I manage the comments and reviews?
Yes, the comments and reviews are yours to manage. You can also respond to questions or pose questions to your community. You can also moderate any inappropiate content hiding them and banning users.
Can I receive notifications for when users post a comment or review?
Yes, you can receive activity reports on topics and also manage your notifications.
Are the widgets customizable?
Yes, the widgets can be customized to appear however you like. No coding skills required. Include images and text you want to engage your visitors from your settings.
Does it work on smartphones / mobiles?
Yes, we created it to integrate nicely and look good across all devices.
Do users / visitors login to post comments or opinions?
They can register an account or sign in through Facebook. Once they are logged in they are able to participate in conversations, make comments, and provide opinions or reviews.
Can I integrate and use my list of registered users that I have on my site?
Yes, you can use your own authentication system for Single Sign-on.
What is a widget?
A Communify widget provides the framework for the conversation, discussion, review/rating or other topics to be displayed nicely on your page.
What is User Content Marketing?
User content marketing is the creation of on-site content by the site users and visitors. It can provide an additional avenue for on-site content generation and ultimately better site interaction and discovery.
Can users / visitors share their comments or posts?
Yes, users / visitors can share conversations, reviews, posts and so on through their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
When users share to social media can they share an individual comment or review? Or does it share / display the entire portion of the conversation or review?
All share buttons from Communify widgets share your page URL where the convesation is being displayed. We are looking into providing deeper sharing features.

Can users / visitors post media items?
Yes, currently they can post images to add to discussions and reviews. Video contents from youtube or Vimeo are coming soon.
How are the posts organized or ranked?
Your community votes to decide what is best to push posts up or down. Ratings can also be applied to opinions.
Can I export my stats / analytics from the dashboard?
Currently, your dashboard stats and analytics are viewable only from the dashboard. We are looking into providing these features for better use of the stats.
Can I make conversations or discussions private?
You can close sign ups to limit your community to those you want included.
Can I create my own content within the floating widget? Such as a disclaimer or sharing information?
Currently, you can create your posts for discussions or forums. We are currently working on creating rewards, promotions, or premium offers.
Can I manage my comments and reviews to feature / display the best ones?
Yes, you can manage your comments to display prominently those comments or reviews that you prefer.
Remove or hide negative comments or opinions?
If you are unhappy with a comment or review that is negative you can hide it from displaying.
Remove users or block trolls?
Yes, if there is someone hurting the community conversation you can take action to remove them. (Manage Members)

What is the topics generator or bots?
If you would like to place one-to-one conversations or reviews to several pages or contents like products or blog posts our bots will do the work for you. A “bot” is an automatic topic generator that will automatically and dynamically create and display conversations or reviews on all pages between a given url path (bot location).

Why am I not getting topics generated for all my pages in my dashboard if I’ve already created a bot to do it?
Our bots generate and update topics when your pages are visited from the specific bot location. This way you’re going to see topics created while visitors navigate between your pages. If you want to give it a try, just visit one of your pages!

Can conversations or review topics be dynamic?
Yes! While creating a bot you can use page metas and/or html tags to grab your pages dynamic information and sync all topic titles and information. The topic will always display information grabbed from the page metas/tags where it’s displayed.

Can I display the same conversation on multiple pages?
Sure thing. Define a new location with as many pages or URL paths as you want. Then just place a topic to this location.

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