Creating content-based conversations or reviews

Bots: Autogenerate conversations and review topics

Communify is ready to generate content-based conversations or reviews on your site. Don’t mind if it’s for a couple of pages or if its for a thousand. In order to generate content-based topics we introduced: Bots.

Bots are robots that create topics automatically for each page/content from a defined placement (URL schema).

Bots are perfect for:

  • Adding conversations to all blog posts.
  • Adding reviews to all product pages.
  • Adding per page feedback questions.
  • Any other unique content – conversation.


How to create a new Bot

Visit the Bots page you’ll find inside the Conversations or Reviews menu (it works the same way for both kinds of topic) and click on the “Add new” button.

Create Bot Page
New Bot page

When creating bots there two important parts to focus on:

Defining your Bot placement

You have to place each Bot to the URL path of your website that match or contain all pages where you want to create and display topics automatically.

Each time a visitor lands on a page which URL is contained in a Bot placement it will check if there is an existing topic for this URL. If no topic is found, a new one linked to this unique URL will be created using your defined rules.

From the “Bot placement” section you can also choose if you want to display a floating or embedded widget for this generated topics. If you have choosen embedded your have to place the widget <div> where you want it to be displayed in your pages.



If you want to add a conversation to all your blog posts which have a URL lik:

You have to place the Bot to:*

The same structure fits for all cases you want to create a unique topic for each unique URL or content like products, static contents, dynamics contents, etc.


Setting details for generated topics

Each Bot owns all information and rules to build topics automatically and stick them to your site URLs. In order to do that, you have to set:

  • How you want topic contents to be built
  • Which category to assign
  • Choose a visibility default status

Using page metas to show dynamic contents on topics

When creating a Bot you’re able to use meta tags from your own site pages to build the topics Title, Description, Image, Title to display or Content ID. Click on any of these fields to see which meta tags are available to use from:


Adding meta tags to a topic title
Adding meta tags to a topic titles


Build your topics using dynamic metas from:


  • Page HTML metas like title, description, author
  • Facebook metas like og:title, og:description, og:image, og:site_name
  • Twitter metas like twitter:title, twitter:description, twitter:image, twitter:site
  • Custom Communify metas like cfy:title, cfy:description, cfy:image, cfy:content_id, cfy:content_name, cfy:content_price, cfy:content_category


Want to combine static text with dynamic tags but common tags doesn’t fit?
Use our custom Communify metas for a full flexibility building your topics.

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