Getting started with Communify

Welcome to Communify!  If you just created your Communify account there a few things you have to get done before adding conversations or reviews widgets to your pages. If you don’t have an account yet: Join now for free.

Let’s do it together. Getting started with Communify is as quick as easy!


1st step. Basic setup

First off, you will need to spend a minute filling out the basic information about your site and your new community. In order to do this, login to [yoursite] where [yoursite] is your communify account domain.


  • Go to Settings > General

Here you’ll find the information fields about your community to be displayed to your visitors like community/website logo, title, url, description, welcome text, default language and also terms and conditions.

Community settings


  • Go to Settings > Membership

To continue please go to the membership tab where you can set how you users will register/login to your community. Please pay special attention to this point because it could be tricky to change these settings in the future.

A) For sites without user sign in or session

Communify will handle users sign in. In addition to a simple email form you can also enable a Facebook sign in with our Communify default app or using your own Facebook app. In this case please provide your app details on Settings > Services.

B) For sites with their own user membership and session

Great news! Communify is built to work with your current users and sessions. Just enable the Single Sign On (SSO) option and easily integrate our SDK to get it ready. Check the related documentation here.

Membership settings



2nd step. Integration and customization

Now you’re ready to integrate Communify to your site or app. Our basic integration is as simple as pasting a couple of lines of code to your pages.


  • Go to Settings > Integration

Follow the short instructions from the integration page. Our basic integration is as simple as pasting a Javascript tag on your pages footer layout (just before closing </body>) and also a content <div>.



  • Go to Widgets

Find the widgets tab where you’ll find the customization options for the floating tab and the conversation/reviews widget. Choose either one to customize colour styles and positions and don’t forget to save your changes. Extended customization options are coming soon!

Widget customization


3rd step. Website locations

Before creating your conversation or review topics you only have to define locations or placements for your site pages.

  • Go to Topics > Locations > Add new

Create as many locations as you want to display different topics on your pages. You could use a single URL or also URL patterns to create one-page placements or section placements.

Create location


Ready! Create your first topic

If you already have one or a few locations ready you could now create and display your first topic.

  • Go to Topics > All topics > Add new

Create topicFill in the topic information fields like title, description, image and choose a topic category and a topic location. To know all topic details and possibilities check this article.

Congrats! Your topic is now being displayed on your site right now!


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