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Millennials and e-commerce: key facts for a successful relationship.

Companies have been trying to connect with Millennials, understand their habits and find a way to capture their attention for quite a long time.

We have already published a post on Millennials but today we will go into more depth so you can have a clear picture on how to target them and make them interested in your e-commerce.

How do Millennials shop? What makes them make a purchase decision?  What are they looking for in an e-commerce?

This generation has proven to be a tough cookie when it comes to target them in advertising. They don’t trust the traditional advertisement methods, their loyalty is hard to gain and harder to keep and they are always willing to give opportunities to new products or brands.

So what do we need to learn about Millennials in order to understand how they are revolutionizing the online shopping.

Millennials the reality

So how do you need to prepare your e-commerce site in order to attire Millennials attention?

Millennials tend to shop on devices. We already talked about this in our post about Marketing trends, but is so important that I am keen on talking about it again. Having your website optimised for multi-device browsing is key for both your users, that want to start and finish their purchases on the same device, but also for Google, who also understands its importance and wants the user to have the best experience while using his mobile devices. You can check out if your website is mobile friendly using Google’s tools.

If you want to get Millennials attention, don’t try to trick them. They are the savvier generation yet and will compare different sources of information when searching for a product or service. If they notice that you are trying to play with them, they will put you in their blacklist.

Be authentic, connect with your users and try to understand what they need from your service, be social, give a great service to get great reviews and get free and trusted advertising through the word of mouth Millennials will do for you.

Enable an online review platform on your e-commerce site that helps you gathering the opinions of your clients and that will help you get user-generated content like Communify to attract even more clients.

Be actively engaging with your clients, listen to them proactively and try to include their suggestions in your business or innovation plan. They will pay you back with their trust and loyalty.

Finally this infographic will show you the relationship between Millennials and social media.

millennials and social media

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