online reviews and SEO

The power of online reviews on your SEO

Keeping up with Google’s changes on its algorithm is not an easy task. Continuous changes are applied on the way the search engine analyzes the content and ranks the different sites. The good news is that we find a tendency during the last updates where online reviews and user-generated content are becoming more and more important to Google.

Why does Google encourage online reviews?

Customer reviews and ratings are key when ranking in SEO and especially for optimizing e-commerce sites. Google loves fresh content, we could say it’s the best caffeine when it comes to rank pages. So now is more important than ever to publish good quality content. It would be hard however to produce fresh content on a daily basis, but with the help of our customers, this task becomes more feasible.

But why are online reviews so important now?

Google is a pool of information, there are thousands of e-commerces, millions of available products, so positioning your business not only according to SEO but within the social community is fundamental. User reviews have proven to be key on helping customers make their purchase decision and therefore driving sales.

I have gathered some interesting facts that will help you see how online reviews are great for SEO in promoting engagement and how even bad reviews can improve your customers’ trust.

online reviews and SEO

So how will your SEO benefit from online reviews?

As we mentioned before, customer reviews provide fresh and unique content for your products, which will help with their ranking on search engines.

Reviews attract reviews. With consumers becoming prosumers which means content creators on the internet and social networks, user-generated content such as reviews and product ratings are an increasing trend. Consumers nowadays feel the responsibility of sharing their opinion on the different products and services they acquire, updating once again the content of your website.

The additional user-generated content by the online reviews can help you rank better for long-tail product searches.

Having online reviews is a differentiating factor between you and the other e-commerce sites that just use the manufacturer’s product descriptions for the products and this can be key in search engine results.

Google appreciates when websites are helpful to users. Online reviews are helpful when getting information about products which also helps you ranking higher.

64% of consumers search proactively for reviews before making any purchase decision. Searching for the name of the product plus the keyword review or rating is becoming a common practice so having reviews on your product pages gives you a better opportunity of showing you as a result for this traffic.

What bad reviews can do for you too

bad reviews

If you think that too many bad reviews are not good for your business, we are on the same page. But it is important that you appreciate that a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews are great for your consumers’ trust.

In fact, the increase of conversions can go up to 67% after reading bad reviews.

So aside from SEO ranking, what else can online reviews bring in?

Summing up what we have seen in this post and the previous post we did on user reviews, I would emphasise these great advantages:

  • Unique and fresh user-generated content
  • Consumers spend more time on page reading the different opinions
  • Increased trust relying on peers opinions and ratings
  • Better product range development
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment

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