Retain Customers to Drive Revenue

Customers are more than a revenue stream for your e-commerce site, they are also supporters and advocates. The pathway to retaining those customers begins with how you acquire your customers and can lead to another valuable source for driving revenue.

Customer loyalty draws upon your site’s ability to attract, retain, and convert. To draw in and attract your visitors you have to provide interesting and engaging content. Make sure it is relevant and maintains your site’s subject matter, because they have taken the first step with your site. If you engage them properly, your site will draw both visitors and customers who you can connect further through added benefits like your on-site community. It is the connection or attachment the visitors and customers make with your site and products that can keep them returning and generating attractive content.

Retaining your visitors and customers is a challenge for any site. It requires your site to be a destination for unique engaging experiences. Challenge your site to keep those visitors or customers you have connected with before, as they are already interested. Provide areas for conversation and discussion, create a community within your site. Sites with their own online communities can bring in Double Digit Growth! Your on-site retention not only can bolster your traffic, but lead to more conversions.

The hardest step is making your visitor into a customer, but more importantly retaining that new customer can be of great value also. You earned the conversion and have a new customer, look back at what took them from visitor to customer and those steps of engagement. What can be improved upon and what can make them a repeat customer? Simply putting your site online didn’t draw them in and you need to ensure that they want to come back again to YOUR site. So what is your customer’s ROI? Give them reasons to want to come back, tell friends, or even better share information on your site and social media with their friends.

Communify sees customer retention as part of the customer experience and the online community. To learn more about how to connect with customers and lead their engagement to meet your site goals visit


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