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Social commerce: Converting likes into sales

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… The social networks are participating in a race to ease the process of directly selling to customers on their social accounts. The buy buttons are opening a new universe in front of their users where socializing and shopping can be done in one space. Taking into account that 90% of the online purchases are subject to social influence it makes just sense for any business will love to appeal their highly engaged fans to buy their products straight from their social page.

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Mark Zuckerberg on social commerce

Facebook started this project over a year ago adding buy buttons on the news feed or pages so users could buy products without leaving the social network and now Shopify, a platform where businesses can create their e-commerce page, started helping some of its customers incorporating these buy buttons and soon they will open this feature to the rest of their clients.

Other social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram will be soon releasing this functionality for their users too.

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Social networks offer high visibility of the products as users share the products or services they love with other peers.

Why is social commerce a great opportunity for your business?

  • You focus on a targeted audience: In the social networks you can use a much more effective communication to attract your followers and fans who can at the same time share your promotions and products with other users that are likely to sympathise with your content.
  • Visibility out of your website: Users don’t have to search for our products on the search engines or download/open your app in any device. You show your products using the power of the social networks.
  • High speed when reaching out to customers: Taking into account that 28% of the time users spend online is using social media, which represents 1,72 hours per day, your products are likely to be seen faster if you sell them on the social networks than elsewhere.
  • Closer relationship with your clients: The social networks are a bidirectional communication channel where businesses are able to have conversations with its customers. This way you will be able to get feedback from your clients, share the highest sales of the week, even more shares of your products and content
  • Economic campaigns: Shortening the funnel to the sales thanks to social commerce will help you run more focused and economic campaigns. The less time in between a consumer first becoming interested in a product and checking out the more likely they are to finalize the sale.

“Retailers need to hedge their bets and participate in any, and all social media, mobile platforms where their target audience engages,” said Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “Even if there is not a critical mass of your customers following you on a particular platform, it can be a valuable opportunity to attract new customers and incremental sales”.

Beyond the obvious reason to increase brand awareness and loyalty, social media is becoming an imperative marketing and merchandising tool for retailers. Social media has created an avenue where retailers can actively engage their customers and ‘listen in’ on the social dialogue.

The introduction of social commerce will not replace any other retail channel, in mobile or digital. This is simply another way for retailers to increase sales revenue and engage with their clients.

Would you be keen in using social commerce to increase your sales? Your comments and points of view are welcome! Participate in the conversation!


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