online reviews and SEO

The power of online reviews on your SEO

Keeping up with Google’s changes on its algorithm is not an easy task. Continuous changes are applied on the way the search engine analyzes the content and ranks the different sites. The good news is that we find a tendency during the last updates where online reviews and user-generated content are […]

Improve Results with Better Online Reviews

Online reviews are the lifeblood of e-commerce sites and can’t be ignored by your site. Providing beneficial information on products and relevant thoughts and opinions for informed feedback your site should have a strategy on how best to utilize reviews. They are many facts out there on the importance of […]

Retain Customers to Drive Revenue

Customers are more than a revenue stream for your e-commerce site, they are also supporters and advocates. The pathway to retaining those customers begins with how you acquire your customers and can lead to another valuable source for driving revenue. Customer loyalty draws upon your site’s ability to attract, retain, […]


Discover Communify

What is Communify? Communify is a new social side to your website for site discovery, engagement, and conversions through your online community of visitors and customers creating a unique experience to drive business targets. Going beyond our mission statement we are taking a new approach to social communities and user […]