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6 top trends for e-commerce success!

2014 was a great year for e-commerce. With a volume of global sales of over $1.3 trillion and a prospective growth of turnover for 2015 of 6.4%, it is a great time to be in the e-commerce business. But you have to keep up to speed with the new trends so you stay competitive and your business grows.

Find below the top e-commerce trends:

  • Have your website optimized for multi-device browsing: All predictions have been confirmed, we are in the mobile era. If your e-commerce is not responsive or adaptive to mobile yet, this should become your priority number one. Google ranks higher mobile friendly sites, and users tend to use PCs less and less, so this is an absolute must. Your website should be easy to navigate, with clear images and texts that are easy to read and with an integrated buying process. Click here to find out more. If you are still lacking inspiration, check out how these 14 e-commerces manage to become mobile pioneer.
  • mobile e-commerce B2C is over, welcome to H2H (human to human): Your customers want to be treated as human beings and not as a “market” or a “walking wallet”. When you work on your communication strategy for the current and future clients of your e-commerce, bear this in mind. Use a natural language, share emotions. For your client it is important that you  understand how he feels,  and he wants to be included and to understood. Bryan Kramer, CEO of PureMatter, explains it in this interesting article that I strongly recommend.
  • Great and useful content is and always will be crucial: People search in Google in order to get information about different topics. They navigate the web looking for useful content that gives an answer to the needs they have at that moment. Before starting to write your content, you have to understand your target user, his interests and possible problems. Then, you just have to write the content bearing this in mind. Not only you will be helping your customer, you will also be getting better SEO ranking. After the Google Panda 4.1 update  “thin” or shallow content is penalized by keeping it from ranking high in Google.

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  • User-generated content is here to stay: the benefits of user-generated content are amazing. Not only its your customers who become the marketers of your brand, but also it enhances brand loyalty, extends your reach to your clients’ social networks and increases retention. So let your customers do the talking, motivate them to share their experiences on your e-commerce with the rest of their peers and get fresh content for your web easily.
  • Not being social equals being nowhere: Social media is a universe very attractive to any online stores. Facebook or Twitter are full of prospective clients but a mistake many e-commerces make is thinking that just for the fact of their presence on a social media platform they will be able to attract clients. People participate in social networks for no other reason than for socializing so instead of selling being your main objective, think about building brand awareness and providing useful content around your brand.
  • The Generation Z is knocking on your door: Millennials are already adults and together with this we have a new generation claiming its place, the Generation Z also known as the iGeneration. Same as Millennials, they are digital natives, we could say they were born while tweeting the news to the world. This group loves personalization. They share their lives, hobbies and activities on the social media and they expect personalized marketing and communication. Defining your target audience and working on the right way of communicating with them is fundamental.

e-commerce and generation z

If you follow these trends, the future of e-commerce and digital marketing will have no secrets for you. Success is on your hands, and using the appropriate tools will make it much easier to reach. Try out Communify and get to know your customers through their user-generated content.

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