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User-generated content, what is it?

User-generated content, do you really know what it is? During the last couple of years we have been reading about UGC or ‘user-generated content’ but maybe we don’t really know how it can be beneficial for us, e-commerces or if it could even be dangerous to give our customers this kind of power.

User-generated content is any form of information, feed, video, opinion or discussion, generated by consumers on the net and then shared on the social media with their friends and followers.

When encouraging our users to create UGC, you are trusting your customers to be your brand ambassadors telling them “go ahead, I want to hear you.” This will also motivate other customers to trust the feedback they read from previous buyers making it many times the ultimate push.

What can user-generated content do for you?

A great advantage about UGC is that you get to know your user. Your clients want to be listened to and to be understood. By reading their comments or engaging in conversations with them you will get to know their feedback on your products or services, getting also great ideas for innovation.

Expending thousands of dollars on push advertising is over. When your clients write reviews about your products, you are gaining free publicity for your products and a much more trustworthy one. Millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than any other type of push media.

UGC is also 20% more influential when it comes to purchasing and 35% more memorable than other types of media. WOM (word of mouth) has always been a powerful way to influence business results but now, thanks to the internet, its power doesn’t have limits. You can find more facts about millennials and their love for UGC in this infographic:


Another point to highlight is that a happy customer that posts positive comments, is much more likely to trust your brand again so UGC becomes a very powerful engaging tool. We live in a world with infinite options and where the concept of loyalty is rarely found.

Through user-generated content our client not only buys one of our products but becomes identified with them. We shouldn’t forget that at the end of the day our customer wants to be and feel understood, that when he expresses an opinion or concern, we listen and care. If you participate in your clients’ conversations, they will see your brand as a peer they can relate to and they will establish a much closer relation with it.

Companies such as Coca cola launched very successful campaigns created entirely with content delivered by their customers as you can see in the following video:

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Last but not least, our friend Google loves the content our users create and awards with a better ranking websites that encourage it. Our users’ reviews tell the engine that our website is live and that it has daily interactions. Escalating SEO positions at the same time you build your brand image has never been this easy. Your users will do the work for you generating opinions and traffic every day so you get a better ranking.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Communify and encourage your customers to create content right now. Great results are guaranteed!

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