WOMM, or how to have your clients doing marketing for you

You don’t have much budget to make your market aware of the great products you have? Have you heard about WOMM?

Word of mouth marketing or WOMM, is a fantastic and inexpensive way to make your business blossom on the web, provided that you handle it with care.

Just in one day, there are over 294 billion emails that are sent, 6 billion searches on Google, 3,5 billion Facebook posts and over 40 million tweets. Your users are out there, writing content, sharing opinions, rating products…

WOMM in social media


But, what is WOMM?

Word of mouth marketing is basically using your happy customers to promote your services or the products they have bought from you. These great clients will share your products in their social networks so their family, friends, co-workers and some more randoms, learn about them.

At its origins, the reach of word of mouth was basically people a customer could talk to personally or on the phone, but nowadays, thanks to the internet, it gets a whopping reach.

It will definitely help you with your brand perception, customer acquisition, getting more conversions, a better reputation and brand commitment.

If you don’t think WOMM is important for your business, there are some facts we have compiled for you:

  • 84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family and friends about products – making these recommendations the information source ranked highest for trustworthiness. Nielsen
  • 74% of consumers identify WOMM as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. Ad Week
  • 72% say reading positive customer reviews increase their trust in the business and 88% determine the quality of a business after reading a review. Bright Local
  • Trusted by 86% of consumers, Word Of Mouth is the MOST trusted form of marketing. Referral Candy

So, what can you do to have your customers talking about you with the right message?


First of all, give an amazing service. Make their buying experience smooth and provide outstanding customer service. Obviously your products need to be strong but your client is looking for an overall experience.

Be creative and unique. This way your client will have something to talk about and share. If you put personality on your business, you client will relate more to you too. There are many examples out there, but one I truly love is the Old Spice campaign and its amazing success.

We all know how difficult it is for a brand to advertise nowadays. Users are bombarded by push ads non-stop, all day long in any type of media. So what can we do to regain their attention again? Be special and different and connect with your clients. After a great first commercial of Old Spice “the man your man could smell like”, their marketing team noticed a great opportunity as they saw that through originality they could connect with their audience. Let’s remember their first original ad:

On the next step of their marketing campaign they decided to go one step further and try to give an engaging one to one feeling to their audience making it possible for their audience to tweet or comment on Facebook and have personalised interaction with Old Spice guy. The numbers were outstanding:

  • The number one most viewed sponsored channel on YouTube.
  • 236 million YouTube Views
  • 80,000 Twitter followers in 2 days
  • Facebook Interaction increased by 800% with the personalized videos (with a total number of fans of over 1.5 million)
  • Sales figures increased by 107 %

Read more at Jeff Bullas.

And what do we learn from this?

Your users want to be entertained through original content they can relate to and if they are, they are willing to interact with it and share it with the world, getting the WOMM that we are after!

Finally and very importantly, treat your customers right and genuinely interact. Happy customers tell 4 to 6 people about their experiences and that is a great way of influencing the WOMM about your business! If your customers can feel humanity in your website, they will relate to it much more! A great way to do so is our floating widget, you can try it with us for free and give us your impressions about it!



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